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Deepak Khilnani Announces Sub-Saharan Africa’s Largest Gas Engine Power Project

Company Chairman, Deepak Khilnani, announced on Friday that CCL and WUTA Energy are set to commence the development of a 140MW gas-fired power plant in Beyin, Ghana. The plant is the first phase of a 300MW Power Purchase Agreement to supply energy to the Ghanaian Grid, and once complete, it will be the largest gas engine power project in sub-Saharan Africa.

After successfully operating 100MW of gas-based power projects in Nigeria, CCL will introduce the same core technology to Ghana in 2016.

The facility will make use of Ghana’s substantial natural gas reserves and will be the first development in the region to utilise Organic Ranking Cycle, which captures waste heat from the plant to generate additional energy. This not only delivers a notable economic benefit, but also significantly improves the environmental impact of the power plant.

At a time of regional concern surrounding the growing need for power, the announcement of the production of clean and affordable energy is one most welcome to the Ghanaian community.

On the project, Deepak Khilnani said, “Since the discovery of Ghana’s natural gas reserves, it has been expected that gas would play a prominent role in the country’s energy sector. As a leading organisation in this industry, CCL is thrilled to be taking steps towards meeting Ghana’s energy needs.”

Further to the improvements to the Ghanaian power supply and the environment, local workforces will be contracted to construct, operate and maintain the plant.

“We want to utilise the energy and talent of local Ghanaians to make this project a social, as well as an economic success. We firmly believe it will have a positive impact on both short and long term local employment”, says Khilnani.

David Brigidi, CEO at WUTA Energy, echoes this sentiment; “We believe that this project will continue to drive development in Ghana and look forward to working together with Deepak Khilnani and CCL to generate long-term power solutions for Ghanaian communities”.

CCL is also keen to explore similar power projects outside of Ghana. Through its Nigerian subsidiary, Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited, the Company has been actively exploring investment opportunities in larger grid connected independent power projects and is currently poised to finalise agreements for two large projects in the Delta region of Nigeria.

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