We serve a wide array of power generation companies, industrial customers, commercial complexes and residential estates - ranging from multinationals such as Coca Cola to national champions such as Dufil (Indomie).


Case Study

Geepee Group
Anudu Plastics Nigeria Limited
Cummins Power Generation
Banana Island
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One of West Africa’s largest bottling companies:

•  Operating on diesel prior to CNG – consuming over 300,000 litres of diesel per month on average

  Wanted to switch to natural gas although in an area not connected to gas pipeline

  Initially hesitant about the reliability of CNG, ability to guarantee continuous fuel supply and space constraint

  Powergas engineering team designed an intelligent and space efficient CNG downloading station in just 2000 m2

  Partnered with Powergas on a trial contract – very happy with the service so signed long term (10 year) gas contract

  Also partnered with Cummins Power Generation Nigeria (group sister company) to install a 3.5 MW power plant,     including waste heat recovery co-generation (IPP model – no capex for customer)

  Single contract for gas & power

  Payback for Waste Heat Recovery system within 1 year


Today experience many benefits operating on Cummins & Powergas gas fired energy solution rather than operating diesel generators


  Improvement in performance of industrial equipment and plant HSE       – gas much cleaner fuel than diesel  

  Less diesel spillage & storage issues

  Additional 10% reduction in procurement costs (diesel)

  Better work environment – less carbon & nitrogen emissions and           less noise from gas generators