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Frequently Asked Questions about CNG

What is Compressed Natural Gas (“CNG”)?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is methane gas that is compressed and is stored in a high-pressure storage tank.

Is CNG safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe as a gas. Being lighter than air, in case of a leak, it rises up and disperses into the atmosphere. This property precisely makes it a safe fuel. Furthermore, CNG has a narrow Flammability range, if CNG’s concentration in the air is less than 5% and more than 15%, the gas will not burn even in the presence of a spark.

Why should I switch to CNG?

It is cheaper - CNG has consistently cost less than the typical fossil fuels (close to 30% savings)
It is safer – (Please refer to Question B)
It cannot be pilfered – Stolen for resale
It is environmentally friendly – Natural gas is the cleanest and quietest burning fossil fuel available, emitting significantly less carbon and nitrogen emissions than diesel – creating a safer and happier work environment.

Are my CNG supplies guaranteed?

Switching to CNG supplied by Powergas means never having to worry about the unreliability of pipe gas again. Powergas delivers gas to customers through the use of specialized trucks called Skids directly to your location. We off-take Gas Supply (Piped Natural Gas) from different suppliers to our Multiple CNG Stations – this helps us have alternatives to Gas Supply in case one supplier cannot feed our stations Gas. This enables us to stick to our supply commitments leading to Maximal Client Satisfaction.


How safe is CNG?

It is the cleanest-burning of all the fossil fuels, so it is environmentally friendly. It has lower carbon content compared to diesel which means it produces fewer emissions and contains fewer pollutants. and natural gas traditionally costs less than other fuels or electricity.


What is the switching cost to CNG?

The switching cost is determined by various factors ranging from Genset, power requirements,



How do I get constant gas supply?

Powergas has four CNG plants located at Strategic locations in the South-West and South-East. Our multiple locations guarantee consistent supply.



Can I convert my diesel generator to CNG or combine both?

We do not covert diesel generator or combine. However, Powergas has a strategic partnership with Cummins Nigeria and Gentec Energy who are able to provide gas

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