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CNG Energy Solution


Powergas operates five Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) plants across Nigeria – delivering clean and cost-effective natural gas to power generation companies, heavy industries, commercial complexes and residential estates.

CNG Availability for Powergas is most reliable in the market due to its “Dual Source” Concept which guarantees continuous gas supply to all client sites and uses real-time remote monitoring to ensure our customers are always supplied Natural Gas.


At Powergas, we off-take Gas Supply (Piped Natural Gas) from different suppliers to our Multiple CNG Stations – this helps us have alternatives of Gas Supply in case one supplier cannot feed our stations Gas. This enables us to stick to our supply commitments leading to Maximal Client Satisfaction.

Powergas CNG Delivery Radius
1a - CNG Station Locations - Powergas Nigeria - 16 Feb 22.jpg
CNG Production Process Powergas Africa
CNG Production Process
CNG Infographic

Natural gas is directed through specialised gas filtration and treatment vessels to remove any impurities and ensure consistent gas quality. The purified gas is then compressed into 100 times the volume of natural gas, enabling efficient transport of CNG to off-pipeline customers. The CNG is then distributed in high-pressure skids and de-compressed into natural gas at the customer site.


Our downloading stations are intelligently designed to optimise area as well as provide manoeuvring space for trucks and trailer units up to 40 feet long. With over $100 Million invested in Powergas Africa, all plants have been built to the highest international standards.


Powergas’ in house engineering, design and procurement teams from the UK & Switzerland, local engineers and project managers ensure that all compression plants and downloading stations are maintained and serviced regularly. All downloading stations have stringent fire and gas safety systems in place, adhering to international NFPA & ASME standards. A Site Risk Assessment, Process Hazard Analysis and HAZOP is carried out during the design stage and all necessary safety features including gas detectors, alarm systems and pressurized fire hydrants are installed. All customer sites are also remotely monitored and have a 24 hour operator on site, who receive quarterly training to ensure continuous fuel supply and further safety checks. In the past 6 years of operations, Powergas has proudly had a 100% positive safety record while conducting over 70,000 CNG deliveries.


Powergas has strong strategic alliances with downstream gas suppliers in Nigeria such as Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG), Nigerian Gas Company (NGC), Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (NDPR) and other Nigerian marginal field operators – ensuring a steady and balanced supply of gas to all compression stations.

Advantages of Natural Gas

Advantages of Natural Gas
Advantages of CNG Natural Gas over Diesel
Advantages of CNG Natural Gas
List of Advantages
Reduced Cost

CNG offers a 30% saving over diesel (in fuel costs alone). When incorporating the full lifecycle savings of operating gas generators instead of diesel generators, the saving is up to 100% of total energy costs. Moreover, the cost of gas is stable, whereas the diesel price fluctuates regularly.




No Pilferage


Diesel pilferage is a problem in Nigeria – industry experts estimate that at least 20% of diesel is pilfered or adulterated in Nigeria. CNG on the other hand can only be stored in high-pressure skids – eliminating the risk of pilferage. Moreover, diesel tanks or a particulate treatment system is not required.








Industrial Performance


Natural gas can replace several types of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels in industrial processes (from steel to paper production) and is the most cost effective fuel for power generation in Nigeria, boosting productivity and competitiveness.


CNG Natural Delivery Reduced Cost for Africa
CNG Natural Gas no pilferage for Africa
CNG Natural Gas Industrial Performance for Africa
CNG Natural Gas Environmentally friendly for Africa
Environmentally Friendly


Natural gas is the cleanest and quietest burning fossil fuel available, emitting significantly less carbon and nitrogen emissions than diesel – creating a safer and happier work environment.



Delivery Flexibility


CNG delivery is not constrained by access to pipeline infrastructure – CNG can be delivered directly to remote locations and stored on-site for continuous fuel supply.








Reduced Maintenance


Natural gas is a much cleaner fuel than diesel or petrol – reducing the risk of damage and extending the life of industrial equipment. Gas generators also have long service intervals (up to 30,000 hours), reducing maintenance and aftermarket costs.

CNG Natural Gas Delivery Flexibility for Africa
CNG Natural Gas Reduced Maintenance for Africa
CNG Natural Gas Domestically produced for Africa
Domestically Produced


Despite holding the worlds ninth-largest proven gas reserves of over 187 trillion cubic feet, Nigeria imports billions of dollars worth of refined oil every year and still flares a large volume of natural gas. This is largely due to the inadequate national gas processing and pipeline facilities – the CNG solution is helping bridge this gap! 


Moreover, The Nigerian CNG industry creates domestic employment opportunities, spurs economic growth, aids local manufacturing with cheaper electricity and reduces strain on foreign exchange reserves for US dollars.



CNG fuel storage tanks are stronger and safer than gasoline or diesel tanks, decreasing the likelihood of accidental release. Moreover, CNG disperses quickly into the air instead of on ground, reducing the risk of fire or ground contamination.


Natural Gas also has a higher ignition temperature (628 degrees Celsius) than diesel (210 degrees Celsius), significantly reducing the chance of accidental ignition.

CNG Natural Gas Safety produced for Africa

Uses of Natural Gas

CNG Natural for Power Generation in Africa

Natural gas is the preferential energy source for power generation in Nigeria, currently generating about 70% of Nigeria´s electricity.

Many industrial companies are also switching to gas-fired generators.

CNG Natural for petrochemicals in Africa


Natural gas is used as
a primary ingredient to manufacture fertiliser, plastics, petrochemicals & fabrics. 

CNG Natural Gas for domestic use in Africa


Natural gas, usually in the form of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used as cooking fuel.

CNG Natural Gas for automotive fuel in Africa


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is used as a fuel source for cars and trucks.

Engines can easily
be retrofit to accommodate CNG, reducing vehicle running costs. 

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