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Powergas delivers natural gas to power generation companies, heavy industries, commercial complexes and residential estates

Powergas Africa

Powergas Nigeria Africa

Powergas Africa Limited is Africa’s largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) producer & distributor and pioneer in “virtual pipeline gas distribution,” providing CNG to clients where piped natural gas (PNG) is unavailable. Since inception, Powergas has scaled quickly to maintain the largest production & distribution capacity in Africa – operating four compression plants and currently building one of West Africa’s largest CNG facilities.

Powergas operations are predominantly in Nigeria, both Africa’s largest economy and natural gas producer. Powergas operates 4 CNG plants across Nigeria with a total production capacity of over 720,000 SCM per day. Powergas’ fifth CNG plant will add an additional 384,000 SCM per day capacity.

With offices in London and Lagos, Powergas is also expanding it’s innovative ‘Gas on Wheels’ CNG solution to other African nations, specifically South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique and Angola.

Powergas was founded to address the severe energy and electricity challenges in Nigeria. Plagued with a limited gas pipeline infrastructure, unreliable grid connected power and expensive, environmentally polluting diesel standby power generation, Powergas’ clean and competitive 'virtual pipeline' offering is a ‘win-win’ for the Nigerian market.

Powergas partners with Cummins Power Generation Nigeria to offer full
gas & power solutions, guaranteeing 99% power availability  


Powergas purchases natural gas from credible downstream gas producers, such as Shell Natural Gas, with strict gas composition quality requirements. The gas is then further cleaned and processed, removing condensates and moisture content. The treated gas is then compressed & filled into the specialised high pressure gas skids for delivery.


Powergas services are aligned to the Federal Government of Nigeria’s efforts to increase domestic natural gas utilisation and achieve the “Zero Flare Policy”. Both private sector and governments across Africa are shifting focus from polluting, imported energy sources such as diesel and HFO towards domestic natural gas.


The CNG industry creates local employment opportunities, spurs economic growth, aids domestic manufacturing with cheaper electricity and reduces strain on foreign exchange reserves for US dollars.


With an established track record as the preferential supplier of natural gas to Nigerian industry, Powergas is poised for an exciting growth period – our vision is to grow production capacity to 2,400,000 scm per day by 2019.


Our Offices


Powergas Africa Limited
Unit 6 Chancerygate Close, Stonefield Way
London, UK
+44 2088390822


Powergas Nigeria

No.21, Adeniyi Jones Avenue Ikeja

Lagos, Nigeria

+234 90229-57360


Powergas Germany

Am Schornacker 121 
46485 Wesel 


+49 281 4056770


Powergas Switzerland

CP 32, Chemin de la Pralay 13, 

Geneva, Switzerland

+41 227741900

Powergas India 

155 Alstonia Drive, Sri City Special Economic Zone,

Andhra Pradesh, India 

+ 91 9677196142

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