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Powergas Global Investments Nigeria Ltd is proud to announce that has been awarded by the prestigious Institute for Government Research Leadership Technology as

the Best Compressed & Liquified Natural Gas Production Company of the Year 2016, for our African Governance & Corporate Leadership.

Aloy Duru, Director, said that this award recognises Powergas as a Leader in Gas Solution . 


“These award is also a recognition to the tremendous effort of all our team in delivering clean and cost effective natural gas to stranded customers not connected to pipeline like power generation companies, heavy industries, commercial complexes and residential estates directly


The main reason why our services are trusted by an ever-increasing number of foreign and local clients: Powergas is Africa’s largest CNG producer and distributor with over 720,000 scm per day production capacity, guaranteeing continuous gas supply to all client sites and uses real-time remote monitoring to ensure our customers are always with natural gas. 


I especially thank all our clients  for their confidence in Powergas.


Duru invites you to Meet Powergas clients, "they are our business partners, and this is the reason for our consistent growth and success".

About the Institute for Government Research Leadership Technology

Mission To promote learning and training through cutting edge research with stakeholders globally


Vision To be the most respected, most credible governance and leadership training and research institute  Institute for Government Research & Leadership Technology is a Federal Government of Nigeria registered project initiative of the African Foundation.


It is an educational organization established in the year 2006 under the enabling laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and approved by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education.


The Institute is non sectarian, not-for-profit educational institution with the aim of providing world class training and research services for government functionaries, persons seeking elective positions and corporate citizens.


The Institute renders it’s professional and educational services to the following but not limited to:

  • Governments around the globe

  • State or Regional Governments

  • Local Governments

  • Political Parties and Politicians

  • Electoral Bodies and Corporate Citizens

Some of the areas the Institute handles include:

  • Human Capital & Performance Management

  • Leadership Performance

  • Modern Protocol Management

  • Marketing of Government Services

  • ICT Standardisation for ISO Certification

  • Modern IT & E-Governance Implementation

  • Health Information System Management

  • Social Policy Formulation & Management

  • ICT Policy Design & Implementation

  • Government Process Improvement Strategy

  • Managing Government Opposition & Civil Society

  • Government Financial & Alternative Income Strategy

  • Modern Project Management & Monitoring Strategy

  • Modern Conflict Resolution & Preventive Management

  • Budgeting Policy, Implementation, Monitoring & Management

  • Constitutional Democracy & Administration of Justice, etc

The Institute makes its expertise available via white papers, research reports and holds workshops, colloquiums, conferences, symposiums and conducts opinion polls. It also conducts acceptability surveys and ratings including preparation of service delivery agenda for political office holders.


The key aim of establishing the Institute is to contribute to the development of responsive leadership by training and providing additional knowledge that can generate solutions to Africa’s plenty problems.


It is hoped that its activities can help improve and make Africa a better society, (research having shown that Africans are looking for honest and clear leadership. The Institute believes like Jimmy Cater (1978), that “There are no short-term solutions to our long-range problems."  

CNG Nigeria Powergas Company of the Year Award
Powergas Receives Best CNG & LNG Gas Production Company of the Year 2016 in Nigeria, Africa
Aloy Duru, Director, & Kenneth Ediru, Business Development Manager, receive award at ceremony in Abuja  
Powergas team customising energy solutions for customers at International Gas Conference in Abuja 

Powergas team customising energy solutions for customers at International Gas Conference in Abuja 

Powergas team customising energy solutions for customers at International Gas Conference in Abuja 
A reliable and affordable electricity supply is one of the most  fundamental drivers of economic growth and improved standard of living
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