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Chairman Deepak Khilnani on Linkedin Pulse. Follow him. Deepak Khilnani talks Natural Gas in Nigeria Cummins and Sapele sign 300 MW deal to build one of Africa’s largest gas-fired power plants


Reduction in retail price of gas to industry would foster significant industrial growth DEEPAK KHILNANI, CEO of Power Gas Limited, Africa’s largest compressed natural gas producer and distributor in this interview with KELECHI EWUZIE, explains the aspiration behind the new strategy ‘off-pipeline gas distribution’ and how the company hopes to provide CNG to clients where piped natural gas (PNG) is unavailable. He also shared his thoughts concerning issues…

Cummins Cogeneration and WUTA Energy Sign Agreement to Supply 300MW of Power Cummins Cogeneration Limited (CCL), headed up by Mr. Deepak Khilnani and WUTA Energy are set to commence a 140MW gas-fired power plant in the Western region. Based in Beyin, the plant is the first phase of a 300MW Power Purchase Agreement to supply energy to the Ghanaian Grid, and once complete, it will be the largest gas engine power project in sub-Sahara Africa...

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Nigeria: Cummins Introduces New High Efficiency Osprey Engine Into Nigeria According to the company, much research and development has gone into the new Osprey engine, which is one of the most efficient engines on the global market -delivering up to 44 per cent electrical efficiency. In waste heat recovery applications, the total system efficiency can climb to 84 per cent. Chairman of Cummins Power Generation Nigeria, Deepak Khilnani, stated "we are excited about the Osprey's application...


LARGEST GAS ENGINE POWER PLANT IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA TO BE BUILT IN GHANA Cummins Cogeneration Limited (CCL) and WUTA Energy have finally sealed a deal to commence the development of a 140MW gas-fired power plant in the Western region of the country. Mr. Khilnani assured that the company had made substantial arrangements in the local content policy. "We want to utilize the energy and talent of local Ghanaians to make this project a social benefit, as well as an economic success. We firmly


Mr. Deepak Khilnani also applauded the recent efforts & policy implementation of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) in the Power & Energy Sector, especially the giant strides that have been taken in the Gas-to-Power Sector. He emphasized that the future of a resource-rich, high populous and power-deficit economy like Nigeria remains in the adoption of Domestic Natural Gas as a source of Fuel for Power Generation. This will decrease the pressure on the economy from Dollar-based Fuel Imports,


Mr. Deepak Khilnani reiterated the company’s deep commitment to ethical standards and professionalism, which has brought Powergas Africa naturally into the clean and renewable energy segment.The goal of Powergas is to ensure that as many industries as possible adopt CNG as a major source of power generation and ultimately drive increased production activities in the economy...

Nigeria Wastes Much Of Its Natural Gas –Khilnani When you talk about clean energy in Nigeria, we are the pioneers of the business. We first came into Nigeria in the late 90s and started to develop the utilisation of gas. As you know, Nigeria has natural gas in abundance. Unfortunately, much of it is flared and wasted. This is not only a waste of money, but also a great damage to the environment...


Nigeria: 'Why Manufacturers Must Embrace Gas-to-Power Solutions' "There is a gap between the end-users and gas producers (due to developing gas Pipeline infrastructure), which Powergas is dedicated to fill in with its novel 'Virtual Gas Pipeline' Solution in the form of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)," Khilnani explained. "This not only optimises production and increases efficiency for the manufacturers, but also ensures reliability and adequate supply, especiall

Natural Gas: Preferential energy source for industries’ power generation Of a truth, Powergas was the pioneer in the Nigerian Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) market, delivering an innovative ‘gas on wheels’ solution to customers across the country. CNG is a popular alternative fuel source to diesel globally as it is easy and safe to transport directly to remote areas via high pressure skids.

Powergas to drive alternate power solution Speaking on the challenges faced by manufacturing companies, the Chief Executive Officer, Powergas Africa, Mr. Deepak Khilnani, said: “The need for the adoption of gas to power solutions by manufacturers in Nigeria is inevitable, because energy cost is a major challenge faced by most manufacturing companies today.


Powergas Deepens Investment In LNG/CNG To Boost Power Generation The company’s “Gas on Wheels” service is going to provide industrial firms with a real alternative to dirty and expensive diesel fuel, offering Nigeria and indeed the sub-Saharan Africa’s manufacturing sector a new lease of life.


Deepak Khilnani reinstates commitment to drive alternate power solution in manufacturing sector

Cummins, Sapele Power plan 300MW plant The Chairman, Cummins Cogeneration Limited, Mr. Deepak Khilnani, said the pact was part of the company’s plans to build one of Africa’s largest gas-fired power plants of 300 megawatts capacity.

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